My Prediction For Next Year- First Day Of School Photos Sponsor On Facebook

Facebook has once again reminded me of my age. Am I seeing ads and status updates about bars and hipster events? No. I’m seeing friends posting photo sessions of their weeks-old children, and this year a barrage of photos of kids posing with backpacks on their way to the bus stop, or in front of their school all squeaky clean in their new school clothes.

…and I’ll admit…it is adorable.

And there are tons of them.

Even though I don’t have children, apparently most of my friends do because that’s what my news feed was dominated by yesterday. Well, that and a few of my cousins talking about how much they love their new schools.

Which prompted me to wonder why Facebook hadn’t gone out and gotten Target or some other big brand to sponsor an event on Facebook- Back To School Photo Day (or something to that effect), and then give away prizes for the cutest back to school photos posted.

Probably because they people selling Facebook ads are my age and didn’t see it coming..


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