My PTO To Do List

I'm taking some vacation days (starting tomorrow!) and me being me, there's a long to do list involved with that. Since I've got the list, I figured you all should be invited to take a peek at it. Please feel free to boo, hiss, or applaud. Suggestions for additions are also welcome.

1) Finish cleaning out the laundry room. (I ran out of bins.)
2) Call someone to take away the rest of the TW's mother's junk in the garage.
3) Finish sorting out the Gift Closet.
4) Wrap the gifts that are heading to Charlotte, get them in a box, and get them mailed.
5) Did I buy Christmas cards at the end of last year? If so, get them addressed and stamped. (Sassymonkey is waiting anxiously for her Christmas card...) --- (Did my part - just waiting on TW to tell me who she wants to send cards.)
6) Read at least four more books from my reading challenge list(s).
7) Take Elly to the Circus.
8) Call my father. (Notice how several of these items are on my 10 in November list?)
9) Nail Michelle down about her trip home and get her ticket purchased.
10) Write that damn check to TW's former employer.
11) Clean up the files on my laptop.
12) Blog, blog, blog, and blog.
13) Catch up on those spreadsheets. (hahahaha)
14) Figure out what the heck is going on with my Powerpoint and Excel - they won't talk to each other and it's a big problem.
15) Take a nap, take another nap, and yet another nap - on Thursday, Friday and Monday. (you're jealous aren't you?)
16) Clean out the DVD cabinet.
17) Find my black waterproof sneakers because the snow is coming - I can feel it (even if it is 70F as I write this.)
18) Clean out my car.
19) Clean out my desk - which is a bigger issue than you might think. I may have to take some photos or video of this activity so you can see...
20) Catch some raccoons before they break into our house or eat TW's mother's dog.

That's what my vacation will look like. See y'all (officially) on Tuesday!

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