My Quest to Break Mom Circles

And I found out that you can bust circles even easier from the inside, just by being the one to let someone in. In fact, most of these circles are toilet-paper quality and rip pretty easily. I particularly like to show these powers off in front of my children. It seems to make their force even stronger.

Now I'm not saying every time you're chatting with your friends you have to invite someone in; BUT be aware. When you see someone hanging off to the side nervously checking their phone, think about breaking it open. Give them the opportunity to join your circle for a few minutes.

I hope more moms start becoming circle breakers and using their powers for good and not evil. Be an example for your child on how to build relationships, build a community, build a positive life. And don't make someone feel like a loser because they're on the outside looking in.

For those moms who build their circles out of steel, well I don't have your kryptonite....yet;  but I do believe in karma. Sometimes life happens and you become unhinged from your circle. I just hope someone lets you in.

And for that mom I see hanging out underneath the tree. I'm coming for you.


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