My Real World

Remember this photo???

Wanna see more of what was really going on??

The kids were running around (hungry), the cat had gotten out and was roaming around the yard and I was just trying to have my husband snap a few pictures so that I could go start dinner. All of that is cropped out in those other photos. haha!!

So here is my real world, what does yours look like?

Sometimes when we see blogs or other women on the internet, we might think they have it all together, but we only get a manufactured picture of their life. I just wanted to say (as I write this with a teething and grumpy 13 month old on my lap) that life is not perfect and I want to encourage you (talking to myself mostly) not to compare yourself but find joy in the little things and in your current circumstances! Sometimes that is so hard, but look! Proof that I am a cropper ;).

Happy Tuesday!

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