A bold red cape flaring like a sail around a small, free body, running with the wind. Red making a bright song of garments, carving royal space around me, chest open and bared to Fate.

I was a fearless child, tender and flowing with love in my proud red banners. I didn't know this would draw secret envy. I only knew Life held a beautiful Centre, a place of balance and harmony endlessly yielding, endlessly generous and fine.

The cape and dress were luck -of -the -draw from  a thrift shop. Quite the most marvelous creation, a second skin that didn't hinder movement but extended sensuously from it, letting air play across my skin as I skipped for pure joy. Oh freedom of movement, free spirit carried on gusts of laughter and verve!

Later, red streaks between my thighs reminded me of my banner of Freedom. Cradled in my heart, a  safe chamber to hide in, away from monsters walking the halls of my home -no -more. My rebel flag, running with blood. I'm a woman, I bleed, I give life, why are you crippled souls moaning and sniffing around my menses, your pitiful sex organs filled with milky terror?

War paint streaking gore from my vulva, rolling on my tongue, dripping between my teeth. Scuttle back on your twisted limbs or I'll burn you with my red witch fires.  Take your grey wastelands and run from me NOW, before I paint them with blood and make them to be fertile.

In my lair flicks of soft and brilliant red unwinding in exquisite sensations on the inner map of my flesh, sex awakening, soul lambent. The longing to share intimacy with one who would know me and I them stirring, growing. Bearing new hungers and piercing drives. Wanting to part my thighs with you who are only mine, merge and adore you with my body. We are a gift to each other. We can peel each other like delicate fruit, slowly, revealing; opening doors to doors, tasting and cherishing.

Your taste was acrid; then I wanted it.
My cunt was slick; then you found me.

Magnificent, mouth -watering, complex and profound.
Warm and earthen, remote and elegant,
Rough and free again,
All Life forged into the Red Woman, the Sum.

Vagina gripping, pelvis riding, desiring without fear nor is anything withheld.
We meet like gods.

Lay back naked on my red sheets, devoured.
There is nothing left to hide.

Shain Stodt, January 24th, 2014

Copyright© 2014 Shain Stodt. All rights reserved.

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