My Rescue Dog Rescued Me


My rescue dog, rescued me.
2012 was a rough emotional rollercoaster for me, I was searching for 'love' in all the wrong places.
I needed pure, innocent, joyful love in my life.
Always had dogs in my life and I had my own 'empty nest' of sorts - so the search began.
I needed a companion.
Looked high and low, I knew the exact personality I wanted my search took MONTHS.
I needed someone else to worry about.
I talked to Aly at Analyze This about the rescue lab organization that she worked with.
Too far away.
I followed several groups, stalked their available pages, and visited local animal shelters for months.
I was adamant - I wanted a 'rescue.'
I wanted to help the overpopulation issue &I wanted a lab,
I wanted the personality and the intelligence.
During a weekend trip to the Gulf Coast, my best friend's husband said,
 "Hey I know your wanting a lab, but what I about a lab/boxer mix?"
Me: "What does a lab/boxer mix even look like?"
Then he showed me a picture of her 9 week old face on his phone.
Me: "How much?"
Him: "Free to a good home, She's the last of the litter and they are itching to let her go or drop her off."
Me: "I'll go see as soon as I get back to Auburn!"
24 Hours later, I found myself in the middle of nowhere on this guys' land.
1 of 7 Puppies, 3 Died of Parvo
Last one in the litter, covered in flease d ticks
Without a crate, collar, or food - I left with her.
She rescued me.

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