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Mr. Fox is now a Freshman in High School. Every time he makes a major life transition, he stops eating. When we changed schools from the Montessori environment we loved to a public school, he cried every morning for 4 tapered off just before Winter Break and then picked back up again when school began again in the new year.

Last year he told me that going to Public School was the best thing for him personally. He made some great friends, discovered his leadership potential and found his voice. It gets better.

I've always wanted Kate and Pea to go to the Montessori School because I truly believe that is the best, most honest continuation of my parenting style. But, we could not make the numbers work and then ended up in a school that has some very caring teachers, but is so driven by statistics and tests that it makes me sad. They love their friends and the conservative environment in part because they know nothing else.

Recently there have been changes made in the daily routine and the ladies are not happy. I can no longer walk them inside school, give big hugs and kisses and wait in the lobby until they walk upstairs. I am mourning this last little bit of tenderness I could give them each day.

The biggest silver lining in this whole thing is that on the other side of the door is J.J. I know she gives my girls hugs for me when I'm not there. She takes them inside when I have to leave early for work, smiles at them, gives them my hugs and my kisses and helps them transition into their day. I know it will get better, but right now I still feel the bruises.


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