My Response to "How Can We Live?"

This morning, I read a post over on Grow Mama Grow. When I read this question: "How can I laugh when a bereaved mother in Cairo is crying? " I felt compelled to comment. Below is my response. 

Thank you for addressing this topic. Since January 25, 2011 I have had to struggle with the balance. During the revolution and up until the election, we were riveted to the television, twitter and Facebook. Then I noticed the effects it was having on my children. They were sad.  They were scared.  They felt lonely.  They felt ignored.  I know it is difficult to completely remove yourself from the news when everyone is talking about it and your family is still living it every day, so I stopped reading when the kids are home from school.  I ask my husband to keep me updated every day, and I get on with the day to day.


Then when my brother in law was killed in Rabaa, it happened again.  We were all glued to our computers and phones in addition to dealing with our grief, we were also in constant contact with our family overseas, skyping for many hours.  We had friends visiting, we had bereavement visitors...and we had extended family that had no idea what was happening.  I felt I needed to teach people about what was going on and how the reality is different than what the media is telling them.


But then I had to move forward with life, I couldn't stay focused on the news from Egypt, or Syria because my children needed me to go school shopping. We needed to get groceries. My husband had to work. So, finding that balance where we keep moving forward and keep ourselves and our families healthy physically and mentally is a challenge. You have to figure out where to set the boundaries and be present while remembering and honoring the struggles outside of your neighborhood. 


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