My Ringtone Got Me In Trouble

Amazed at the number of available ringtones for my cell phone, I still didn't change many of them. I wouldn't be able to keep up with who was calling, because I don't have a very good memory. I decided to change just two for the people who call me the most often.  I changed the one for my husband (because I want to talk to him), and the one for my sister (so I'll know not to answer if I hope to have any free time, because she talks forever).  I chose what I thought were "silly" ringtones for them, not realizing that my warped sense of humor might get me in trouble.


To know when my husband was calling, I decided to add a little blues riff.  The phone plays a few bars of George Thorogood's "Bad To The Bone."  He found it mildly amusing.


I didn't discuss the ringtone I had chosen for my sister --- it was my little inside joke.


Then, she came over for a visit.  Sister walked around my living room talking to me, with her cell phone in her coat pocket.  Gesturing wildly as she talked, she must have hit her cell phone and it "pocket dialed" my phone!  I could hear her ringtone in my kitchen and cringed.


"Do you hear a dog barking?" she asked.


"Oh, that neighbor's dog will bark at anything," I answered.  I wasn't exactly lying.   I eased into the kitchen hoping to get the cell phone turned off before she realized what she had done.  Too late.


About the time I reached the phone, she pulled hers out of her pocket.  "Hmmm," she said.  "I just called you!  I didn't hear your phone ring."  Then her eyes grew wide.


"My ringtone is a barking dog?" she yelled.  "And, what exactly are you implying?  Are you saying I'm a euphemism for a female dog?"


"The ringtone didn't say it was a girl dog," I replied.


Needless to say, I've had to "change my tone."  I've now got her ringtone as a foghorn.  I don't know that she will like that any better.  I thought about getting one of those "Mosquito" ringtones --- the ones that only kids can hear --- so I could just tell her I missed the call.  Probably I had better just leave well enough alone.


Yep.  My ringtone got me in some trouble.  How about you? Have you had an embarrasing incident with your ringtone?  Do you use different ringtones for different people?  Can you tell me a really annoying ringtone that I can use for my sister?



Shelly Kneupper Tucker

writes at This Eclectic Life


Twitter handle: @shellyktucker


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