My Rosacea, My Kryptonite

What one physical trait do you wish you could change about yourself?

It's a bold question for a site based around self-love and inclusive beauty, I know, but I won't shy away from the truth: we all have low self esteem days, and we all have least-loved traits.  Just like our personalities, our physical bodies aren't perfect...they can't be!  Recognizing the things we like least about our imperfect bodies (and imperfect personalities) is one step closer to accepting those things and, if we decide to, changing them.

The physical trait that bothers me most is my skin. I've talked about it before - I have rosacea - and even posted about it in the Demoiselles Community last week.

This is a particularly bad day, without makeup or editing.  The only thing I did was correct the lighting - upped the exposure - and it made my skin look worse.  (In fact, I think this is worse than it looks in person, most of the time.  The orange shirt doesn't help, either.)  Using an all-natural facial scrub has helped, but it hasn't cured the redness, dry patches, or the stinging sensation that happens every time I get too warm or cold.  And those blotches?  The bane of my photo-taking existence.

It's important that I see this side of myself, though, and that I deal with it on its own merits.  My rosacea isn't going to just disappear, and neither will another woman's asymmetrical breasts, or big pores, or thinning hair.  These things don't go away just because we wish we could change them.  So why aren't we facing them head-on?

I would very much like to know what part of yourself bothers you when negative self-image rears its ugly head. I think that if we can talk about our own image issues, we'll see that we're not alone.  Hell, my post in the Community has already shown that: three people agreed that they are self conscious about their skin, too!

Feel free to reply to this post or in the Demoiselles Community.  Either way, please let me know what you think!  It would mean a lot to this self-conscious epidermis if you did.

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