Remembering a Royal Childhood

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(Editor's Note: Not everyone with a connection to sports is a sports fan, as this post by Kassie of Bravely Obey so eloquently demonstrates. But childhood memories - a kind of slideshow of our lives - feature family traditions and sometimes those traditions are attached to a beloved team or stadium.)

My Royal Childhood


June 1st Prompt: "Are you a fan of a sports team? When did you become a fan?" This NaBloPoMo prompt made me laugh out loud. Because I'm not. I never have been. I don't know why exactly. Maybe it was my first memory of organized sports, playing on a a soccer team as a seven or eight year old. I remember we lost every single game. As a team we got one goal, maybe two, and I remember
standing around a lot wearing smelly shin guards and short shorts. One season and this book worm was done. Read more  about growing up at Royals Stadium

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