My Scale and Me – Our Changing Relationship

This morning I hopped on the scale for the first time in weeks and realized that all the recent recipe testing had gone unmonitored and wasn’t helping my waistline.

It got me thinking — when it comes to managing my weight, what’s the best strategy for weighing in?  In fact, what is the relationship I have with my scale?  Well, quite frankly, it’s one of love/hate.

Perhaps you can relate to the relationship stages I’ve had with my scale over the years.

First, there was the Ignorance Stage. Think back now.  Can you even remember a time when the scale was only an object in your parents’ bathroom or the doctor’s office?  It seems so long ago, eh?  That’s because it was.

Then there was the Fun Stage. Did I say fun?  Yes, when you’d hop on gleefully because believe it or not, it was still fun to see the numbers go up.  Fully clothed.

Enough about childhood.

Skip ahead to the Battleground Stage. Maybe you know it as the Tactical Stage. This is when you started shedding clothes for that extra pound or two advantage. First, you lost the shoes, then belt, wallet, and finally, all heavy objects. Okay, let’s be real…naked.  Nothing else to do.  And if your scale was a little old, you could find just the spot to stand on, if only for a second, to produce the desired number.

That is, until you were back on the doctor’s scale.  But it lies.  We all know it.  It’s just a conspiracy between the scale companies and the doctors to get us back in their offices. Somehow, mysteriously, like the Grand Wizard behind the curtain in Oz, only that particular scale seems to know our real weight.

So roll ahead. Until recently, I was in the Management Phase, weighing in daily to keep myself in check.  That is, until I read an article declaring that people who hop on the scale daily are too obsessed about their weight.  Who me?  Obsessed? So, I decided to play a little Russian roulette and only weigh in once a week on Monday mornings. Then weekly fell to randomly. Like a routine visit to the dentist, I slipped into the Avoidance Stage.

Until this morning.

In the aftermath of my experiment, I realize this simple truth. It’s okay if someone thinks I’m obsessed. However, I’m not buying it. Instead, I think of myself as simply being concerned about maintaining a healthy weight, especially because we all know those unwanted pounds are more easily put on than taken off.  If I hop on daily, then I can alter my intake that day to take into account what the scale tells me.  Finally, the Acceptance Stage.

So, whatever your relationship with that square thing on the floor, however fancy or basic it may be, keep in mind that it’s just a tool, neither your friend nor your enemy. Use it however it works best for you.

Remember, if I can do it, you can too.

Susan Levy
Publisher, Well-Fed Heart

This week’s featured recipe:

  Year-Round Gingersnap Pumpkin Custard





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