My Second Most Embarrassing Moment Happened Today!

I've had some pretty embasrrassing moments in public but today was the second most humiliating.

I went to church today and after Lifegroup class went to use the restroom. As I washed my hands after the potty break a few friends came in and we talked a few moments. One of these sweet ladies was an avid reader of my blog Julie Moore On Life, I hugged her and went on my merry little way.

Away I went toward the sanctuary passing a multitude of people (male and female) in the hallway. It had been a great morning so far with study, family, and friends and I looked forward to a good sermon from the pastor.

You know how it feels when you know someone is watching you? I kinda felt this way so I began adjusting my black shirt and as I walked a little further I noticed my leg felt strange. Cold, drafty... I reached around to the back of my leg and discovered to my horror my skirt was caught up in my panties! Well all I could do at that time was pull it out and keep going. My pride kicked in and as much as I wanted to I did not look back to see who might have seen my pink panties, my upper thigh (complete with cellulite) and whatever else was hanging out back there.

Once seated in the huge sanctuary of a few thousand my mind began to race.

1- Who could have seen my display?

2- Why didn't my most avid reader in the bathroom notice? Or did she...? No of course not, surely she would have told me not to go out in public like an idiot.

3- Thank goodness I decided not to wear my Spanx full body armor.

4- Thank goodness I don't wear thongs. It might have terrified the whole crowd.

5- Why didn't anyone tell me my skirt was neatly tucked in my underwear as I made my way down the hall?




I really didn't hear too much of the first part of the service. Actually I felt a little self conscious wondering who, if anybody seated around me saw my butt. Off and on throughout the service my thoughts went back to this "mishap".

When I got home I reaccounted the whole thing for my hubby. He almost busted a gut laughing so hard. I wanted him to sympathize with me for just a moment. And he did after he was able to recover from my tale of horror. He said,"Well it could have been worse." He was referring to my MOST embarrassing moment. He was right, it could have been much worse.

What's your most or second most embarrassing moment?


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