My Secret Addiction

The Hoard (collection)I am a purse-aholic. It's the purses, they make me do it. .  I'm not ashamed to admit that right at this very moment, I have open in another browser window.  The need for an orange or purple functional yet lightweight purse is just telling me in my ear:  "just look"

Yet look at all these purses! 

My purse hoardI know dang well I don't need another.  As a matter of fact, the reason for this blog post is because this afternoon, I tried to tackle this, my purse hoard and weed out the purses I know I'll never carry again, the ones that are dysfunctional or heavy or a bit of both.

So the quest for the "perfect" handbag continues.  I know my thirst for new colorful purses will never end... My (hoard) CollectionI'm just glad I have an understanding husband.  Tomorrow I will start by taking the purses that just aren't what I want/need and donating them.  If I can.    

Stay tuned for part 2 of "my secret obsession":  hats.   And then part 3 camera bags.  


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