My secret weapon to losing weight

It's nearly eight weeks since I've posted. I'm noticing changes and I feel great. Yay! I have more energy. Yay!  Clothes I lovingly packed away in the hope of being able to wear again have been restored to their rightful place in my closet. Yay! 

I haven't reached my goal yet but feeling more comfortable in my clothes is such a bonus. I honestly didn't think I would ever fit back into some of my old clothes so it makes me feel sooo good! 

Exercise has played a huge part in my weight loss. *No surprises there*! But what has surprised me is my ability to make smart swaps.  Without having to think too much about it, I now reach for healthier options. Things like:

* swapping the full fat sour cream for the lite sour cream

* having an ice block instead of an ice cream

* keeping soda as a treat and drinking icy cold water instead

* buying wholemeal bread instead of white bread.

Making these swaps hardly felt like a sacrifice. I just wish I had caught on earlier.