My SEO Fairy Godmother: A Surprising Tale

Fresh Content is SEO Magic!

Once upon a time I ventured into the wide, wide world and attended a networking meeting.

When, what to my wondering eyes should appear but a woman who evaluates sites for Google.

Upon discovering I create sites for the web she asked:

"Do you use Flash?"

Wondering how she'd respond, I told her "No."

Then she asked:

"Do you use any special tricks on your pages to boost your rankings?"

Wishing I'd never entered into this uncomfortable conversation I answered "No," because I do special things on the back end of a site, but no tricks on the pages themselves.

Without smiling or displaying any warmth the entire time, she demanded her final question:

"Do you write your own posts and encourage your clients to do the same also?"

Of course I said "Yes," but wondered what she was getting at with all her questions.  The lady would make a great poker player.

Without warning she burst into a radiant smile and said my SEO approach is jussst right!!

Sometimes your Fairy Godmother can take on some pretty interesting forms. I'm so glad I met her that day!

Now maybe my skinny jeans Fairy Godmother will soon appear ...

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