My Seven Spirit Animals

I live on Indian land. No, I don't live on a reservation, nor do I live with other American Indians. I live where Indians built their lives, and traded their goods. I live in a place that still vibrates with the wisdom of nature and the guidance of uncommon animals. Where my brothers and sisters fed their families and hunted for food; I am where Indians prayed.

My home has a sacred blessing around it.You can feel the sacred energy and peace that defines this blessed space , tucked off A1A, in a remote area  in Florida. Across the canal lies the grave of an Indian Chief. The sounds of the evening have a slight whisper of ancient wisdom through its winds of change.

I look at life as my teacher. I look at nature as my guide. I have an innate knowing of how spirit speaks through nature to touch our hearts and souls, and so I am living in gratitude. In my ever discovery of self and life, I kayaked through the waters on a crisp and beautiful morning, it was here that I began my seven animal awakening. Yes, I saw seven different animals in my day that I have never seen before, and so I took out my Indian Medicine cards to see what the Indians defined these animals wisdom and message for me. Some were obvious, a squirrel begs to be prepared; a manatee...a wise lumbering giant..ok, maybe not all of my animals I saw resonate with Indian knowledge, but I sought answers none the less.

Beginning my journey I started with some cranes, egrets, and osprey, now although I have seen my share of these beautiful creatures, I have never seen so many at once, nor have I seen such large birds before. This paled in comparison to the animal flying overhead that looked like my large 20 lb cat with wings!! As the other birds squawked in fear, this massive, and I do mean, massive,  gigantic, owl , with the widest wingspan I ever saw, flies over my head and lands in a tree, high above. A Horned ear owl I find out, and this one is eating very well. Owl medicine, what the Indians believe, is that Owl medicine is  intuitive,  and truth bearing obvious insight, and so I reflect.

As I paddle my way out of my canal into the river, I see an animal I am amazed to say I never saw  up close and personal before, an otter. This adorable otter pokes his head up out of the water , looks right into my eyes, we stare a while, then he plays and submerges again..As I am allowing that energy to move through me with excitement, I notice something moving closer to my kayak in the water.It is a larger animal from the wake it creates...within minutes of my otter encounter, the snout of the gentle Manatee comes next to my kayak to say hello. By now, I feel God in the animals. I do indeed feel at one with nature, and this experience is for me alone to know and feel sacred, so blessed. My validation from Spirit speaking through these rare encounters, and yet all happening in one kayak adventure, in one special moment in time, in one afternoon.

I am in joy of nature and its unconditional animal love. The feeling of bliss surrounds me and I am in complete awe, as if knowing God was specifically speaking to me through the witness of these incredible animals gifting me with their presence .

As I walk through my back yard, again I lock eyes with an animal, and as I try to gain focus , thinking it was a large dog, I realize in my amazement, that it is in fact a large cat, not a house cat, a wild animal , either a very large Bobcat, or a  Florida Panther  running through my back yard!! I have never seen one so large and muscular and is obviously eating well in my hood. He was very large, at least as large as , Apollo my 100 lb German Shepherd!!

By now, I am vibrating!! I am a glow. I am in awe, amazed, befuddled,  giddy, stunned, shocked, and oh,...feeling blessed...So, I go inside to change from my kayak clothes, when I hear this rumble on my sliding doors.It sounds like a tool trying to be used to get into the door.All I could hear was this clanking, so I throw a towel around me, go to the door, and watch as again, the largest land crab I ever saw is trying to come into my house. He is blue and funny looking with a large irregular shaped, looking shell, but perfect in his imperfection.Perfect divinity....ahhh nature!!I so love it when you speak to me.

Yes, seven animals, my seven spirit animals I call them. As I look for meaning of what they each represent to Indians, and now for myself,  I find that I am well protected,supported, informed, and blessed.

I realize that my good fortune will come through tenacity, and that blessings and good tidings are all around us if we are open to receiving them. I accept that God speaks many languages of love for us, and if we are open to being blessed in ways we have no expectation to, then my dear friends , the blessings will be abundant.

I see these animal visits and blessings and validation. I founded my foundation with the support of spirit.

My foundation,

 ~ F.E.E.L.  ~ Foundation of Emotional Educational Learning,

The afternoon of exploration begins with a program designed to increase emotional and intuitive awareness, while accessing all of our senses and working with them for increased awareness and acheivement.

In the Foundation for Emotional and Intuitive Educational Learning~  F.E.E.L, an afternoon intensive program,  is where we will learn to see with new eyes, and feel with a heightened awareness and passion for living. Uncover blocks and fears ,while allowing our inherent intuitive awareness to meld with our emotional well being.

We begin with our taste sense. Here, we enjoy the taste sense, while we taste a variety of flavors in an organic ,gourmet lunch, that begins to nurture body and soul , so mind can unwind.

We then move into our bodies, and understand our breath and how to restore, and balance through breath.  How energy works and feels like. How intuition speaks to us, and how we can use these to increase overall productivity and peace filled lives.

In utilizing different tools and techniques for balancing the body, mind and spirit, we find how we can regain balance and control over feelings, emotions, and life stresses. In the grounded awareness, that this state creates, we open up to perceiving a new and heightened awareness that increases with use.

Here we explored the unexplored, we allow and accept ourselves and our inner dialogue to guide us toward self acceptance and expression.

As we unweave the inner language that the universe speaks through, an increased connection to understanding self and invariably the world and others around you.

As you unlock your inner passions, voice, emotions, intuitions, you allow all of your senses to guide you into a more resonate lifestyle for yourself.

May God bless you abundantly, and may all your spiritual validations be known to you. 


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