My Sexy Legs

Lying in bed this morning, I stretched my legs up towards the ceiling and admired them.  Granted, gravity was working on their side and all the fat was well hidden below my line of vision.  What I saw was from mid thigh up (up meaning towards my foot) and they looked so nice.  And strong.  And fit.  The light was dim so the varicose veins weren't really apparent.

It was a nice way to start the morning.  I stretched and then donned my exercise gear and went down for coffee and breakfast and kids.  I think I felt more confident that Of Course I would exercise so I didn't feel guilty about playing with the kids and putting things off till 10:30.  THAT was really nice.  And at 10:30 I did my sit ups and then did Jillian Level Two while the kids took apart the Cranium game they'd discovered.

I thought about what parts of Level Two I didn't like and which parts I do like.  The kids explored the kajillion parts of the Cranium game and spread the cards (there are a lot) all over the floor.  And then I was done - a nice sweaty done and my kids came over and flopped on me and we cleaned up the mess and made lunch.

And now my shoulders feel stronger.  That's a pleasant surprise.  We have no full length mirrors in our house so today I am walking around thinking I look lean and trim with sexy ass legs.  Yes - I really don't and I don't even really fool myself, but I think I am getting leaner and trimmer on the inside and that is nice. 


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