My Sick Little Boy

This little virus that I thought was just a simple cold is much tougher than I thought.  After a week of cold symptoms, my little boy is feeling much worse.  And me too.  I did sleep last night much better than expected and for that I am very thankful, but I'm still coughing away.

I also didn't go to the gym this morning though I was up early.  It's amazing how much that morning gym routine shapes the rest of my day.  When I don't go, I think I have more energy to get other things done at home, but in general, most of the time if I don't go, then I have less motivated to get things done and I'm much more likely to fall into old eating habits.  It's as if I forget that I'm trying to be healthier and that includes choosing my foods.

So, this morning after a healthy breakfast I slipped pretzel sticks into my sweatshirt pocket and snuck them into my mouth while I sat at the table writing up my daily to-do list.  I snuck them because I didn't want the kids to notice.  I don't know how many I ate, but I did refill my pocket several times.  Not my best move.

My husband wants to go out and get a burger tonight and the thought of that nice warm, juicy, salty burger with blue cheese or grilled onions sounds so tempting, but thankfully (heh) I'm coughing and little boy is feeling lousy so we'll have to stay in and that will mean some kind of healthy food of our own creation.  Darn.

The kids are both asleep.  I'm gonna go do those darn dishes that someone piled up and then think (only think) about doing some work before I'm drawn back to the third book in Lois Lowry's The Giver series and hope my little boy takes an extra long much needed nap.


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