Recently,our little sister Kathy was diagnosed with cancer. I pray that you never get a phone call like that, and if you have, then you understand the helplessness you feel when it comes. There are no words and you feel like you aren't doing what you should be doing...saying the right words, but you simply are incappable of speech. Your mind is screaming....but you can't scream out loud. I am thankful that it was my sister Sharon that called. She totally understands me and let the silence go for as long as I needed. I'm glad she knew that when my breathing started again that the tears were coming. I'm glad she stiffled her tears until my shock was over and I'm glad she just let me cry with her, without having to talk. I am grateful for this sister that knows me so well.

It seemed with every message the news was worse. Kathy had 3 areas in her body with cancer. She was going to receive chemo. She lost her hair. She was tired and sick all of the time, and you could see it in her face. You could hear it in her voice.

Kathy lives in another state, so we didn't see her daily. She wore pretty scarves and hats and was constantly being asked where she got them. . On one visit, she asked if I minded if she took the scarf off of her head. I'm glad she walked away after I answered her, because that was a rough moment for me. I wanted to say yes, take the damned thing off. I'm your sister. Let me kiss your bald head! All I said was of course, I don't mind.

She fought that cancer like you'd fight an intruder in your home. Right from the start, Kathy was the strong one. She told us not to cry! She cried one time through it all. The rest of the time was spent fighting.

We believe in God and in his grace and mercy. We relied on Him to keep our little sister safe, and Kathy never had a doubt that He would. Never.

The fact that she is cancer free, absolutely no signs of cancer, is not surprising to us. She refused to let it have her. She laid the cancer at the foot of the cross, walked away, did what she had to do with medical tests and came out of it. I have never seen such strength in my life.

Of course, the sister, Sharon, that knows me was the one to call and tell me. I was in Hobby Lobby and she asked if I had talked to Kathy. I waited for the bad news, and Sharon said, go outside. I said please tell me. When she said all cancer is gone, I blindly walked, stumbled out of that store. I walked all the way to my car, not trusting myself to speak, and when I reached the car, she listened to me cry, again, crying with me.

Where do you find a pact like that? Where do you find someone that knows how you will react and walks you through it? Our sister was so sick, but more worried about us. Where do you find strength like that?  

Only in a sister.





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