My Skin Care Routine and about Beautypedia

Today I like to show you my skin care routine. I say it over and over: for me my skin care routine is more important then my make up because if my skin is clear and well taken care off I do not need to cover up so much! I always do the following steps and- just like tooth brushing- I would never skip any step- not in the morning- not in the evening. I mean, I must be really super sick to skip them.

My morning routine:


First I cleanse my face (in the shower) with Garnier Ultimate Cleanser. When I come out of the shower I apply ONLY on my eyes Nivea Creme. Now I have oily skin but my eyes tend to dryness and I have not found one cream which I can apply on my eye area that would not sting in my eyes. Plus this creme is so heavy and rich it really hydrates my eyes.

A lot of people wonder how I apply this because it is kinda hard to do with a thick creme like this. What I do is this: I take only a tiny amount of Nivea and rub it between my fingertips until it is smooth- then I apply it on my eyes. This works super easy- also I always massage (for about 1 minute) this creme from the inner corner of my eye to the outer corner. I do this every morning and this helps to completely massage any saggy under eye bags away. I also recommend to buy Nivea in a tube like I did because this is much more hygienic.

After this step I use my Lancome DreamTone Serum which helps even out my skin tone. This I let sink in my skin for about 5 minutes before I apply my Loreal Perfecting Base Primer. Sometimes I do not apply the serum and right away use my Loreal Primer (I have oily skin and sometimes even the serum is already too much). I do not need an extra moisturizer.

My evening routine:


At night I cleanse my face with my Simple face wash. This works great and it does not sting in my eyes and gets rid of even stubborn eye make up or my waterproof mascara. For the last stubborn dirty Make up traces I use my Simple Oil balancing wipes, especially on my neck.

After this I apply my Lancome Genifique Serum which applies super easy as it is very light weight- almost milky. I give it 2 minutes to sink in and then I dab a little Estee Lauder Advanced Time Zone Night on my whole face AND on my neck! (I used to forget my neck constantly but since I noticed some wrinkles there I do include it finally in my skin care routine!)

Every Friday and Saturday evening I exfoliate my skin also with Paula´s Choice Resist. It is a chemical Exfoliant (BHA Gel). Because I exfoliate my skin 2 evenings in a row my skin is super ready on Sunday evening for a facial mask. I am using the Garnier Ultimate Cleanser also as a Facial Mask. It smells nice and fresh and makes my skin super clean- no chance for blemishes!

While we talk about Skin Care: Have you heard about BEAUTYPEDIA? This is an amazing website you have to check out! Paula Begoun, the founder of Paula´s Choice, did something very unique: although she has her own cosmetic and make up line she (her company) tested more then 45.000 Skin Care and Make up products from other companies! Test results can be: poor, average, good and best.

What I like to do is for example, go in the BEST LIST (all tested products with the BEST results).
Let´s say I am looking for a BHA exfoliant, so I click on BHA exfoliant and then I click on the cheapest product with the "BEST" result (which is BTW from Clean & Clear the Advantage Oil Absorbing Treatment for $6.99). So this way I am getting the cheapest product but with BEST test results!

Or what I like to do is go in the BRAND LIST and go for example on Neutrogena. I will see then a list of all Neutrogena products which have been testet with test results. Some of Neutrogena´s products perform poor and some with "best" results. This is really interesting as I tend to just trust a brand once I like it- which is clearly wrong. Now the test results are also explained in detail as on why this is performing poor or best.

I find this list very helpful when buying new products because it makes it a snap to see if it is any good. It is revolutionary because no other company would ever recommend products from other companies!

I also recommend highly to read Paula Begoun´s Beauty Bible as it offers so much knowledge, especially about Skin Care. I learned a lot from her (for example how to really exfoliate).

So long you guys,
have a great weekend,

XOXO, Sissi


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