My Son Loves Women.... Should I Be Worried?

I had heard comments from his daycare at how much Jeffrey loves older women.  I had heard a story from the daycare about the time that a student who was studying Childhood Education spend two days at the daycare as part of her program. Apparently, Jeffrey was always around her.  He would look at her with a glaze in his eyes.  He wanted to hold her hand all the time and whenever he did ANYTHING, he would look at her for a reaction.

I laughed at this and found it cute.  I had remembered when he was two and I was having a coffee at Starbucks with my Father and brother.  An attractive well dressed woman walked in and sat a couple of tables away from us.  Jeffrey immediately followed her to her table, with his eyes and wouldn’t take his eyes off of her.  No matter what conversation I would try to have with him, he acted like I wasn’t there.  Eventually, he got up and actually walked over to her table, and tried a conversation.  The type of conversation that a two year old would have of course.  I tried to pull him away but he looked so mesmerized.

So when I had heard the story at the daycare, I wasn’t surprised. 

Yesterday, I was watching Tomb Raider with Angelina Jolie.  Jeffrey was in his playroom and came by the Living Room to get something.  He looked at the screen and saw Angelina.  For those who saw the movie, you know that she was always in tight clothing and a t-shirt.  The part that was on screen was a shot of her walking towards the camera, with a white coat that was opened, exposing a tight t-shirt underneath.

Jeffrey:  “Wow, Mama, she’s BEAUTIFUL.”  (He really emphasized the beautiful)

Me:  “Yes, she is very beautiful”

Jeffrey:  “I love her shirt”

Me:  “Yes”

Jeffrey:  (Walking up to the T.V and pointing to her breasts)  “Look Mama, she has a nice shirt”

Me:  “O.K”

Jeffrey:  “Mama, look at her shirt” (pointing again)

Now I had NO IDEA what to respond.  He completely caught me off guard.  I just started foreshadowing Jeffrey as a teenager.  Oh Boy, am I going to be in trouble :)  I think I’ll start him in some sports.  He’s just waaaay tooo young to start salivating at women at 4 yrs old.


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