my son's new best friend

One of my son's more predominant issues is his inability to be in a room alone. I know this sounds trivial, but I am talking never. Not to get dressed, go upstairs to get a toy, get in the shower, go outside. Never. Someone, my daughter or I, have to be with him every single second of his waking hours. This wears on you. I have moved both his and my daughter's clothes into my bedroom on the first floor as it was just becoming insane for me to constantly be going up and down stairs every time they needed something. And my knees are not what they used to be! I have tried bribes, timers, you name it. But the last couple of days, and I am completely aware this will probably wear off, he accepts the dog as a "companion" when he needs to go in a different room or wants to play outside. This has been a huge relief for me as he and his sister share this issue and it feels as if I never sit! My daughter doesn't accept the dog that way, but for right now my son is. Sooooo, I intend to enjoy it while it lasts!