My Stationary Love Affair

I'm an old fashioned stationary girl at heart and I love to travel with a journal. While I'm not always great at doing daily entries, I love having it on hand for writing down random thoughts, contact information for new friends, directions, opening hours, prices, money spent, confirmation numbers, and more. 

I travel with fine point marker-pens (such as LePen and Staedtler TriplusFineliner) and two notebooks. One is usually a small Moleskine notebook, thin and flexible, with a brightly colored cover. Usually already half full with random trip planning notes, it's small, light size makes it easy to tuck into any carry on bag. I also travel with a personal journal and these are usually larger and chosen more for their looks or "feel". I've got a love affair with the Halifax, Nova Scotia based Re-Cover Journals, which recycles very old hardcover book covers and makes them into spiral bound journals. The old fashioned charm and delightful range of cover themes and titles makes it easy to find one that speaks to you - or in my case, I usually find several. The vintage Nancy Drew covers are my absolute favourite!! While it's more expensive than just plain pens and drugstore notebooks, for me the extra expense is worth it (especially when I'm supporting a small business). 

I love planning, writing, and daydreaming - my tools are just an extension of my trip. I hope you find ones you love and that inspire you!!


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