My Struggle With Pride

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We all have undesirable traits and behaviors that we wish we had better control over. For me, pride is one of those things that I have struggled with, more so in my past but it still rears its ugly head from time to time, and each time it does, it’s a forceful reminder of the underlying evil nature of the enemy.

Pride is a sin, in fact, some say it is the deadliest of all sins, although I feel that no one sin is greater than another. Sin is sin and I am not here to judge anyone. Nonetheless, pride seems to be the sin that I struggle with the most, and I really hate that at times.


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Quite often we confuse pride with humility and dignity. However, the difference between pride and the latter two is that pride is self-seeking while humility and dignity allow one to see the world through the eyes of others. There is a certain element about pride that makes the offender very phony and fake. Pride will make you hide behind a mask, while humility embraces genuineness and authenticity.

I’ve also been on the receiving end of pride, and it’s not a better position to be in, especially when it’s coming from someone that you care for. Don’t believe me? Here are some of the negative affects of pride based on my own experience:


 Causes you to hurt people you love
Makes you reject the truth
Lacks compassion for others
Minimizes your faults while maximizing the faults of others
Makes you boastful and arrogant
Is envious
Puts others down
Makes you think you’re better than others
Blames others
Tricks you into thinking you’re right all of the time
Makes you react in anger
Is impatient and irritable with others
Keeps you from saying "I’m sorry"
Can destroy relationships
Clouds your judgment
Seeks revenge
Is defensive
Causes you to lose friends
Gives you a warped view of your abilities and gifts
Fools you into believing you are above asking for forgiveness from others
Causes you to be rude to others
Is attention-seeking
Rejects kindness and help from others
Will delay your blessings

I’m sure some of you reading this can relate and can probably add to this list, however, no matter how complex pride may seem, its presence proves to being less evolved spiritually, mentally, and emotionally. Like any sin, with faith, time, prayer, and good practices, I know that I will eventually eradicate this shortcoming from my life.

Tell me what are some of your less than desirable traits that you struggle with? Let’s share and discuss!

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