My Summer Plans As a Teacher and Mom

Ten more school days plus another staff day until I am a full-time mom.  Actually,  my oldest kid's last day is tomorrow so he will spend a week with either set of grandparents.  It will be quiet with only two kids in the house! I must keep my sanity during these hectic final two weeks of school. 

 Our family has another fun summer in store.  Last summer, our youngest was born so his birth and first few weeks consumed our plans.  This summer we will take on a first floor remodel.  Our living room will be our new kitchen.  The current kitchen (it's tiny) will become a mud/laundry room.  Hubby is taking on this entire project with some help from friends.  I'll help however I can and try my best to keep the kids out of the way! I don't know when we will have our youngest son's first birthday party due to the remodel.  He won't know anyway if his party is a little or a lot late!

Here is my summer list! Everyone should have one no matter your job, family, lifestyle, or age.  Summer in the northern states is about getting out and taking in the weather.

1. Remodeling the kitchen/mudroom/bathroom remodel of about 500 square feet total = yikes!


2. Outer Banks, North Carolina for a week with family

3. 30 day fitness challenge to tone my weak abs - Day 1 was today. This will not be easy!  I am not fit although I've lost my baby weight. Hubby will keep me accountable.


4. Read and reread a bunch of books: Divergent, Book Whisperer, Reading in the Wild, and whatever else I can get my hands on!

5. Play in our above ground pool with the kids. Little one will enjoy floating around in his baby floatie.

6. Hopefully get away for a few nights with the Hubby only for our 10th anniversary

7. Eat tons of fresh vegetables and fruits.  The rabbits have eaten most of our garden despite our fence/fake owl/pepper.

8. Keep the older two on an enrichment schedule of reading, math, writing, and science.  They helped me create it and I hope it works!


9. Follow the Summer Reading program for our local library and attend some of the programs

10. Hike at our local state park.

11. Enjoy the fire pit in the evening and make smores.

12. Ride bike a few times a week to regain leg strength and tone. Towing a 20lb kid in the bike trailer makes even flat biking a workout!

13. Stop pumping milk for my youngest. He will be a year in July.   I want to take a sledgehammer to the breast pump even though I am thankful it has lasted two kids. 

14. Plan for a new school year.  Currently, there is still possibilities up in the air.  Changes are make even after the last day of school.  I hope I can stay in my same classroom and continue to teach ELA.  Two years of the "same" would be nice.  If a job opened in the school district we live in, I would jump for joy! 

15. Camp out in the tent in our backyard with the older two kids one night.

16. Day trips to the farmer's market, state park, fishing, and maybe even the amusement park

17. Hit yard sales to stock up on kid clothing for the next year

18. Cook and bake more.  I am obsessed with Ree Drummond's Pioneer Woman recipes.

19. Spend more time with friends and neighbors

20. To make it be an even 20- Try to expand upon my desire to be a blogger and increase my rating on Influenster. I got my first box two days ago! Yay!



I love summer for the weather, time with family, vacation, fresh vegetables and fruits. Also, I can't wait to see my dream kitchen be a reality! Pictures will be posted. 



Enjoy this beautiful Sunday!



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