My Sweet Angel

The sun rays shine in on your head, makes your hair glitter like dewdrops on the lawn;
your face peaceful and beautiful as always before.
So sweet kind and gentle an old soul trapped in a body so new;
to someone like you, I would now always be true.
I am only human, I've made many mistakes
I never meant for it to go that far--your heart wasn't made to break.
My gentle angel, my sweet lullabye,
I will hold you close and dry your tears when you cry.
I will be your protector, my fragile angel dear;
I will chase away all the confusion and the fear.
Just take my hand, and I'll pull you close,
whisper I'll love you forever, I love you the most.
What is this feeling, that invades my mind?
What is this feeling that makes me ask myself why?
I am determined, my angel, to do whatever it takes,
to earn back your trust, to take back all the hate.
Just seeing your face makes my heart skip some beats,
hearing your voice it races and makes me grow weak.
I know that you're the one who was meant for only me,
but here's the thing, the little catch, you must be able to see.
See the truth that hides in my eyes,
you've seen it before, the person I am, behind the darkness and the lies.
That dark person lives no more, I put her to rest,
I fear it's too late, though, to pass through this test.
My angel, my sweetheart, my dear lullabye,
Don't say we came so far, just for our love to die.
If nothing else, please remember these words,
just these, not the heartbreak and hurt.
I'll love you forever,
I'll like you for always,
so long as I'm living,
my sweet angel you'll be.

~Butterfly Princess~

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