My Tables Have Woodworm - Should They Stay or Should They Go?

A good morning to you all, it's a gorgeous spring day with temperatures already up to 14 degrees and life is good but, I need your help with a decision ....

Nest of tables  
I recently bought this gorgeous nest of tables from the local thrift shop.  I have been looking for a couple of months for something to put in the TV room for when the children have a treat and watch a movie whilst munching away at their lunch so and these caught my eye as the wood is solid and I love the shape of the legs.  I did notice a couple of holes dotted around and made a mental note that they probably would need a woodworm treatment but not easily scared, this didn't put me off.  I paid my €25 euros and rushed to the local hardware store to get some product.  After a quick google translate, I bought 'Durcisseur bois vemoulus' and headed home to get started.

Woodworm treatment in hand, I set to work filling the holes with the sticky liquid and for good measure painted a further coat all over the tables.  At this point I have to tell you, the holes were plentiful, on-top, underneath and around the edges but I left the product to dry for 24hrs and then returned to sand them down.

Is the woodworm still active?
I must say that I am now a little worried, I have primed the tables getting them ready to paint  but still have sprinklings of dust 'frass' falling  from the holes and now have a dilemma.  In my right ear I hear a whisper of “just trash them", paint here is very expensive compared to the UK, together with the extra time and effort needed, perhaps it's the best option, but in my other ear I hear a whisper of “don’t be rash, treat them, be patient and they will be fine”.  What should I do?  Would you persevere or do you agree, cut my losses and trash them?

I don't want the blighters taking a fancy to any of my other furniture or for that matter my wooden beams and because of that they are still on the terrace whilst I decide what to do.

I like to learn from whatever life throws at me, this being no exception so I will definitely be more diligent in my purchases plus, I am learning about woodworm which can't be a bad thing can it?

Have you had any experience with woodworm and the treatment of?  I would love to hear from you and these tables are in your hands - should they stay or should they go?

Have a great day,






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