My Teenager is Finally Seeing that I'm Right

I talk a lot during the day. I tell people things, they listen. However, I don't really know if they are absorbing  the words of astute wisdom I offer up for free on a daily basis. I am very wise and I try to tell people that all the time. I think they think I'm kidding.

Every once in a while I notice signs that people are listening to me. I hear them repeat what I say to someone else which is an indicator that people not only are listening, but they also agree with me and there's nothing better in life than people who agree with you. I love those people. 

Sometimes I hear my own kid repeat back to me shit I've said to him for years but he acts like it's his briliant life epiphany when in my own head I'm thinking, "I fuckin told you that when you were 10. Stop taking credit for my wisdom and passing it off as your own you."  But I nod because now I'm older and I don't try to stick up for myself as much. I just nod. The condescending nod of I Know I Know and I'm glad you finally figured it out for yourself because god knows you never listen to me when I've  been saying it for 15 years. 

It's also irritating when I've been trying to tell him something about life for  years and he gets in the car and says, "Mr. So and So Whatever Person said the most amazing thing: He said I should get a job to make money, buy my own shit, and take responsiblity for my own damn life."

I don't remember much of what my own parents said to me becuase, well, mostly because I think they sucked as parents and that's the end of the story.  I do remember my dad telling me that when I was 9 I could be whatever I wanted to be. He didn't tell me that he wouldn't help me or support me in any way which would have been really good information to have at 9. I could have really started planning ahead for making it on my own. 

I try to give people a heads up about the shit storm called life that is coming their way. I'm not vague. About anything. I'm totally honest about what I think is coming and if it happens to be easier than my projection, then you're lucky! Woo hoo. 

I read an article somewhere at sometime that said the concept of hard work isn't the American dream anymore. A lot of people work hard and get no where. You have to be smart. Really stupid ass dumb people can work really really hard but all they end up with is a day of hard work whereas smart people work really really hard to try and figure out how to get other people to work harder so the smart people can go on vacation and buy a boat.

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