My Ten Year-Old Grandson Rescues a Toddler from Drowning

My ten year-old grandson, Andrew-Jordan, who is ever vigilant of other children, often playing the role of Big Brother, and who is also very protective of his younger brother, Elijah, came to the rescue of a two-year old toddler yesterday. Had it not been for his always-on-alert watchful eye, and sensing that this little boy that’d just befriended him, who’d already taken a great liking to him—following him around like a shadow—that child could have drowned in the deep end of the pool.


My grandsons, Elijah and Andrew-Jordan, dressed as Hippies for Theme Week.

While my grandsons were hanging at an apartment’s pool, soaking in the sun and taking cooling dips in the pool with children of varying ages, a two-year-old little boy was determined to do absolutely everything the older boys were doing.  And though he didn’t have his floaties on, thought he’d jump into the deep end of the pool anyway.

My grandson Andrew-Jordan, who for the moment was sitting in the Jacuzzi, relaxing, with his back to the pool’s crisp, cool water, distinctively heard in the distance that little boy’s voice, saying, “Mom, I need my floaties!” But the little boy didn’t wait for his mom or the floaties. Instead he just jumped in. Andrew-Jordan just knew in his little heart that the splash of water he heard was the little boy jumping in. Andrew-Jordan didn’t hesitate; he dashed out of the Jacuzzi, took a blink’s browse, spotted the toddler already at the bottom of the pool’s deep end, and jumped in to get him.

The little boy was safely put at the pool’s edge, his mother waiting for him with open arms. Though the toddler was obviously fine, thanks to my grandson’s very quick action, he was stunned and scared to complete silence.

This is not unusual behavior for Andrew-Jordan; he has always come to the aid or rescue of the little guy. At the beginning of the school year my grandson had been chosen as one of the elect students for the school’s anti bullying squad, called “Cornerstone.” The principal of the school chose children who took a firm stand against violence and the bullying of others. This is the boy that I am most proud to talk about today.

Yesterday, for one brief afternoon, my ten-year-old grandson became a Hero, a hero to a two-year-old toddler and his mother. But for his proud grandmother, he will remain a Hero always!


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