My Thanks

I couldn't help but notice the many people posting daily thanksgivings on social networking sites throughout this month.  It is interesting to see all of the things that people value and appreciate in their lives, despite the hardships they may be managing.  On this day before we in the U.S. traditionally give thanks, I offer my list: Family is a vital part of life, and I am one who believes that family is more than just shared DNA.  Lucky me, to have such a diverse, inspirational, supportive, and loving bunch of folks to keep me together.  Each one is a unique treasure whose presence and counsel I value more than words could ever express. I am thankful, too, for my job (and for having one in these crazy times).  It has been more than that, though.  It has become a career that both challenges and satisfies me more often than not.  It's not just about the work itself; it is about the people who help me achieve what needs to be done and who share my passion for both the corporate entity and the human beings who make it run. Music has always been part of the fabric of my life in some way, but it has really become bedrock in the past year.  More than a source of mere entertainment, it is the vehicle by which I have made & solidified friendships, shared my innermost thoughts, and expressed my deepest emotions. Music and lyrics are the interpreters I most often call upon to aid me when I cannot speak the words.  Thanks to all of the people who bring this gift into my life and to those who help me to enjoy it. Two years ago, I began a medical journey that finally came to an official end this summer.  It began with a seemingly benign diagnosis, and ended with a nerve-wracking series of follow-ups.  While I know I will forever be branded with the C-word and it did change my outlook on life, I will not let it, or the fear of it, define me.  Thanks to "Dr. Barney", Doc White, and especially Dr. P for the excellent care and guidance that helped me conquer the dreaded monster who had taken residence in my body.  Thanks also to GI Joe, who gave me the swift kick in the pants I needed to get the surgery that ensured our victory.  This is one for which I will always be grateful. The resolution of that journey brought me healthy and happily to the celebration of my 45th year on this earth.  Some who surrounded me that weekend were cognizant that it was also a victory celebration, some were not.  Some were not there in person but in spirit, sending heartfelt congratulations and well wishes from afar.  All, however, were there to envelop me in a measure of love and friendship that was beyond anything I thought one person could be worthy of.  The honor of receiving such a gift from so many is most definitely worthy of thanks. Special mention is due to the Music Man for the gift of a sentiment, delivered in song, that touched my heart and brought me to tears of overwhelming joy.  Last but in no way the least is Hip.  That night the veil lifted and I finally saw what had been right in front of me for years: A man, a partner, who was ready with the kindness and affection that I had so long sought foolishly elsewhere.  I am thankful to still be giving thanks for that revelation! There is also much gratitude for the experiences of the past two months.  There were exceedingly stressful moments, times when finding the proper balance seemed impossible.  There were crises of conscience and questions of faith that tested me to the core.  The time is not yet right to share the details with the world, but I am able to share this much:  They say that bad relationships come to bad ends.  I now beg to differ, because by living up to my long-professed beliefs, what was once thought to have ended badly has - so far - achieved the desired goal.  By practicing compassion in its truest sense, I hope that I have helped someone pursue the goal of recovery and find the happiness they deserve. To what I call "the Universe": for all of the unusual, sometimes incomprehensible, and mysterious ways in which you often work, I am thankful.  Without these paths & hurdles, I would have no way to discover who I am, who I could be tomorrow, or who I am meant to be in the end. Finally, to those of you who have been kind enough to read, follow, and comment on Verdant4Ever: Your presence and feedback during the past year has brought so much joy to my blogging adventures; without readers, I would be just screaming into the wind.  For those of you who also serve this muse, keep writing and sharing your experiences! For those who simply enjoy what we send out into the blogsphere, keep sharing your thoughts!  It is you who inspire me to keep going, so Thank You for your support. May you find thanksgiving in your lives every day!


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