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There Is But One Man      8/31/08  by April Claxton

Pieces broken fill the floor while shattered years pile more.

Days fade motionless, leaving so much room for regret.

Still we face the road ahead, wide awake yet sometimes dead.

Filled with hope yet hopeless still- What will come when all falls ill?

Who will sing a hopeful song when all that’s right has gone so wrong?

Who will lead us through the rain of all the old tears filled with pain?

Who will stand up straight and tall and pick us up since some made us fall?

Who will fight for our human good that’s been so lost and misunderstood?

One by one we’ve tried alone but have been thrown out and sent back home…

One by one we’ve wished and prayed but we’ve gone to sleep still unsaved.

One by one we’ve seen the fight lost by those who knew what’s right.

WHY? WHY! Where did we go? When did our marching start to slow?

When did fortune win over soul? When did fear gain control?

When did we all lose sight of what is OUR American right?

When did we shame those who’ve fought before?

We’ve let them down! We’ve lost OUR war!

When did we forget that we are no longer part of another empire?

When did we forget our founding fathers?

When did we forget the WE have certain unalienable rights?

That WE are not WE alone but WE are WE when we unite!

When did we let go of what brought us here?

I ask you now! This moment! This year!

When did you close your eyes? How CAN you sleep tonight?

You know in your soul what is wrong and what is right!

When did we elect a small few that thought they could take it all?


We need to face the truth and take it back!

We have hope! We have Barack!

Hold my hand and look in my eyes.

Listen closely you can hear the cries…

Cries of children hungry and alone-

Parentless or without a home-

These children are not found overseas-

They lie naked in our OWN country!

Grandparents! OUR elders! They paved our roads with their every breath and every deed.

They must choose now either food to eat or medicine they need!

What has happened to us? When have we lost what we’ve felt?

When we must choose over health versus wealth?

Come on! We may not have much time left to soar…

How many of our own can we ignore?  

How many of our own are YOU willing to walk by?

And you continue to smile as you look in their eyes?

I know in my gut even the hardest have heart!

The close-minded can see what has torn us apart!

Even the richest need SOMETHING!

Today’s not the day to remain blind.

You can’t ignore the fact that NOW IS THE MOMENT and NOW IS THE TIME!

Martin Luther said it best when he said, “WE ALL can coexist.”

And here we are next to our brothers and sisters, every color, every wish-

We are living, breathing, seeing and feeling all of this!

And what about the Republican who declared our independence first when he said, 

 "A government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth".

Aren’t WE the people?

And let’s not forget about the thirty-fifth president of the U.S. of A.

When he proclaimed, “We observe today not a victory of party, but a celebration of freedom—symbolizing an end, as well as a beginning—signifying renewal, as well as change.”

Kennedy was NOT “more of the same.”

And what about one of our most delicate poets, so strong- she has been OUR freedom wall-

Maya Angelou’s words hold us up and keep us tall!

She wrote of a caged bird with wings that were clipped and feet that were tied.

But the caged bird still sang songs of freedom though he had dreams that have died.

He sang OUR very songs that ALL of us sing, late at night when we’re tired from our day-to-day things.


I am not different from you! I bleed and I fight!

We must stop peeking from our own windows of our lives and our homes!

We must come out and hold hands and take back what’s our own!

We can’t sit and hope that the right one may win!

WE MUST VOTE to bring the same to an end!

This is far much more than politics, the price of gas and the stock exchange!

This is about the destiny of a nation and our need to change!

I ask you to come with me and win back what is ours!

I ask you to educate yourself over the next few weeks and their following hours!

I ask you to vote not for what you were raised to do.

But vote for the truth THAT LIES WITHIN YOU!

And there is one last legend walking WITH us hand-in-hand.

He spoke so confidently and sure when he sang, “YES WE CAN!”


“And TOGETHER we will begin the next great chapter of the American story with

THREE words that will ring from coast to coast from sea to shining sea,”


And not just OUR future, but our children’s future and their children’s future-

It all lies within him-

It lies within YOU to bring the same to an end!

It lies within YOU to bring us what WE ALL need!  

YOU in West, the North, the South and the East!

Come together- leave your homes and vote!

America needs this- YOU are OUR hope!

Come with me, hold my hand and for our future let’s MAKE history.


There is but one man who brings us the hope we NEED, that we DESERVE for our existence and our diversity!

There is but one man who WILL make a difference in what has been wrong with what’s right!

Bringing with him the pursuit of happiness, liberty and for all a new life!


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