My Thoughts on Life

I am an eternal optimist, so I believe in the good side of anything that happens. There never has been any use in crying over spilled milk. As long as you are alive, you can prosper and grow!That is my way of dealing with the harsh reality of the universe, life and death, struggle and pain, etc.


There is a logical reason why life must have meaning and purpose. If an argument exists to the contrary, it would be filled with holes of varying sizes and shapes. Are we in a vacuum going nowhere and destined for a void where all your scorecards read zero?  If this were the case, one would have a difficult time, reasoning with a potential suicide victim, in an attempt to explain the idea that killing oneself is completely wrong.  


What if we knew for fact that life ends with absolutely nothing to follow? Would we enjoy life more or less? What about statistics on crime, mental illness, child rearing, employment advancement, and education? Does this create the utter nihilism and apathy that is rampant these days? Or is it just a small part of a larger spectrum of dominance?


We all need hope and a somewhat positive attitude toward life, in addition to a purpose for us as individuals and to make a decision as to what we want to contribute to life. And as always, things could be worse! It is best to look at what may be an adventure ahead!

Then there are those that live their lives 'knowing' there is nothing afterward. At least to them, that is it. A sense of morality is usually present, even more often than in the believer. It is interesting to think about how different the world be if everyone had this answer given to them now.

My thoughts are, that; We are in the middle of a vast universe filled with movement and mystery.  There has to be more than just "here"... 


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