My Three Big B’s

My two most favorite parts of every day, are early morning when daughter is just waking up, and early evening when we start her bedtime routine. I love waking up to the pounding of little feet in her crib followed by the squeaky “Ooo’s” and “Aaa’s” of her little voice. My husband and I always lay in bed for a few minutes commenting on how adorable she is. There is no better way to start my day than by picking her up watching her face light up with the most beautiful baby girl smiles and excited laughter. I always greet her by saying, “Hi! Good morning baby girl! It’s time to start another day!”

Being a stay-at-home mom, there are some days that my daughters bedtime couldn’t come fast enough. It doesn’t matter how easy or challenging the day has been, it simply comes down to my level of exhaustion, and needing to get things done. Now that she is almost five months, she doesn’t sleep the day away like she did early on. She’s awake a lot more, craves attention and wants be entertained at all times. Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love playing with her. I’m watching her do new things every week, and in the words of my husband, “I am fascinated by her.”

This week has been busy, and week of many “firsts” for her…
Mesmerized by the colors and texture, my baby girl did her first painting project.

She LOVED sitting in her highchair for the very first time, checking things out from a different perspective and having somewhere new to play and sit.

She tried “real” food for the first time, my homemade pureed carrots which is my best attempt at introducing healthy eating habits from the get-go.

She went “swimming” in our neighbors pool for the first time and had a blast splishing and splashing in the water.

We also went on several walks, had a few playdates with friends and did our typical at home playtime. So, like most weeks, I’m thrilled that Friday is finally here, and I’m looking forward to the weekend ahead with quality family time and a set of extra hands from my husband.

A big week for my daughter also means it’s a big week for me. I’m non-stop every day keeping us both busy, happy and healthy. She isn’t on some strict schedule during the day, but when it comes to bedtime we have a great routine that she seems to know and love. Which brings me to my second favorite part of the day and my three big Big B’s – bath time, boob and bed, and when we can fit it in and she isn’t too hangry (angry hungry!) or overtired, than we read a book (usually Goodnight Moon), making it the four big B’s. After a long busy day, whether filled with fun and laughter or tired tears and tantrums, bedtime is always a time when I can reflect on the milestones and activities my daughter has accomplished. She is always calm, relaxed, happy and snuggly before bed. There are nights when I continue to cuddle her long after she has fallen asleep in my arms, smelling her freshly bathed baby skin and running my fingers through her clean hair, cherishing every split second. Her infancy is fading fast, but her personality is running wild. All the while I’m trying to keep up and hold onto the day that just flashed before my very eyes by rocking her slowly and not wanting to let go. It’s those moments of complete calm and stillness that help me take a deep breath, reset my thoughts and just enjoy her. It’s the one time I can truly appreciate everything the day had to offer – making my three big B’s – bathtime, boob and bed – by far the best part of my day.

Happy Friday blog lovahs. As always, thanks for reading. I hope the day finds you well, and the weekend treats you right.


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