My Time: Recovering Esteem, Discovering Dreams


So, for now, I choose to focus my time on the things that will help me feel as emotionally healthy as I can be - because in the end, that's what's best for everybody. What's doing that for me right now is being right here, talking to you - and the dreams of what this could turn into. Today those dreams have made great strides in coming to fruition - due to a most spectacular present!  I've gotten the most amazing material gift I can imagine at this moment: A brand new computer! The computer of my dreams - fully-loaded!!! I am so beyond excited to receive that beauty in the mail, I'll probably pee my pants when it gets here! So, to my generous gift-giver- my Dad - I will never be able to thank you enough for helping me out. Thank you for believing in me, for having pity on me, and for putting up with my manipulative insistence on getting what I want - even though it's true that beggars can't be choosers. I will be forever grateful! This is seriously the foundation I need to put all of these dreams together. (However, don't think for a minute that this means I won't write about you now, ha ha!)


So, now I'm off to spend my hours diagnosing the mysterious reason my link has disappeared - on this website that means so much to me. Because, for me, it stands for hope. The hope that all of these hours, all of these emotions, all of these sometimes tearful words written, will fall on the right ears...and whisper their comforting message..."You are not alone."




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