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I love reading a blog where the personality of the author shines right through their written word. You feel like they're right in front of you, sharing their thoughts. The posts are more engaging and easier to read... is that redundant? Either way, let your personality shine through. Let your readers build a connection with YOU while they read your content.

I get emails, all the time, from professional writers wanting to offer their content. Now, they obviously have their place in the blogging world, but their professional articles don't fit here. Part of my vision for this blog is to have people feel comfortable. To have women introduce themselves, and share with y'all, just as a good friend would. Nearly all of us are women; many of us are mothers. There is a lot that we can share to help each other out. When a post is overly professional, it is hard to relate to, and not an easy read. So, my advice... keep it casual. People will love it. That doesn't mean you need to be a foul-mouthed yucky; just be you, in a good way, casually.

If, for some reason, you have really bad spelling (and won't use spell check), can't remember the difference between "lose" and "loose," or have a hard time organizing your thoughts, maybe you should wait on the blog thing. Readers are fairly forgiving of misplaced commas and the like. But don't you dare mix up "their," "they're," and "there." You'll be in a world of trouble from the grammar police. There all over the internet. ;)

...did you catch that?

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