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Image: Melissa Ford

The more time I have spent blogging, the more I have become opinionated about formatting. So maybe some of you don't care at all. But, to me, I love a post to be aligned to the left with the pictures centered. (I used to love centering all of my posts, but then realized it looked like I was writing poetry, which I was clearly NOT.) Posts that are aligned to the left are just easier to read. Also, using headings (with large font, bold, or underline) can help readers follow your post, and jump back around to key points. For example, you're explaining how to make Bacon Stuffed Bacon. Sounds good, right? Well, make a little heading for all the ingredients needed.

Ingredients Needed:



another example...

Bacon Fried Bacon



Directions: Fry your bacon. Wrap it in more bacon. Fry that bacon.

Headings help separate key information or explain what is about to be read. They also break up long blog posts and make them seem more readable. They're great. I love them. It seems like common sense, but I still think headings are under-used. Something that makes me absolutely queasy is a blog post that rapidly changes font colors. I would avoid that. Try to convey your cute personality through your writing.

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