My Top 5 Kid Storage Solutions That Don't Look Like Crap

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When I was pregnant and imagining what life would be like with a child, I remember being horrified at the idea that my house was going to look like Little Tikes threw up all over it. I mean, there is absolutely NOTHING wrong with Little Tikes and I’m in love with many of their products… but I really didn’t want primary colored plastic to be my new design style.

Since we moved right before Jack joined us, I put a lot of thought into ways to organize his stuff without everything screaming, “WE HAVE A KID!!!!” After a little over two years of living with it, I figured I’d share with you my top five storage solutions… that don’t look like crap.

#1. Cube Organizer with Baskets

My Top 5 Kid Storage Solutions That Don't Look Like Crap

I looked at a bazillion organizers before I found this one, which is EXACTLY what I imagined I wanted. This organizer came from Target a couple of years ago and they have an updated version in their Threshold collection that looks very similar. The reason I liked this one is that it’s very hardy AND fits Target’s standard sized baskets for the bottom three cubes.

The top is wide enough that I can display some grown up crap, like candles, glittery potpourri, and ceramic animals without Jack grabbing them and throwing them against a wall for no freaking reason. The three baskets store a HUGE amount of toys and toy pieces while still looking nice and tidy. So, if someone is coming over in like two minutes and you need to hide a toy mess that has suddenly spread throughout the first floor… you can just shove everything in these baskets and pretend you’re totally one of those Pinteresty people who have clean houses all the time. By the way, now is a great time to ask you to please overlook the MOUND OF DUST on the bottom of my lamp. Sigh.



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