My Turn to Share the Fabulous Blog Ribbon

My deepest thanks to Linda Anselmi for nominating me to receive the Fabulous Blog Ribbon.  I am thrilled at the warm welcome I have received from the BlogHer community.  I also enjoy that I don’t feel forced into a particular container and can write where the day takes me.  Linda tells me that in accepting the Fabulous Blog Ribbon, I must post and follow these five rules:


1. Thank the blogger who gave it to me and share the link back to the awarding blog and I do so happily! 

Linda Anselmi is a wonderful writer, editor and one of the most generous souls I have never met!  (  Though we have not yet been in the same room, she is a friend, a mentor and most creative thinker, who looks for opportunities to grow and support the work of others.  I am fortunate indeed. 

2. Name 5 fabulous moments in my life.

3. Name 5 things that I love.

4. Name 5 things I hate.

5. Pass this ribbon to 5 deserving bloggers.

Here goes... 

5 Fabulous moments in my life – not in chronological order:

  •  Our wedding day.  We had a semi formal ceremony at a tennis club that sat atop a mountain (we were not members…ahem).  I walked myself partway down the aisle and waited as my husband-to-be walked toward me, took my hand and kissed it, and we walked the rest of the way together.  We married at sunset in a lovely room encased in glass and danced the night away with our guests in our very own castle in the sky, the city lights visible below.
  • The first time my mom came out to visit my apartment in LA.  She wandered through my one-bedroom and proclaimed, “It looks like an artist lives here.”
  • The first time I met my extended family in Europe.  One of my cousins was a burly bear who spoke little English, but we managed to communicate.  I never had a big brother.  He adopted me and was protective when we would go out with his friends.  One icy evening, while we were singing and laughing in the streets, he picked me up and carried me through the snow so I shouldn’t slip in my ridiculously inappropriate suede boots. 
  • The closing night of a solo show I wrote and performed called “The Devil Takes a Wife.”  I had worked and workshopped this piece for a long time.  I felt free.  I had done everything I set out to do and could at last put it to bed.
  • Showing the book I’d just had published to my mom.  The moment I got my hands on a printed copy, I brought it to her so she could see the dedication.  It reads, “For Mom, who always got up early.”

Five things I love

  1. Laughter, and any anyone who can make me laugh.
  2. Kindness
  3. A generous soul
  4. Our home
  5. Sushi 


Five things I hate

  1. cruelty
  2. pretence
  3. not being able to find something
  4. willful incompetence
  5. cold 


And five more than deserving bloggers...for continuing to inspire! 

Thank you for this lovely opportunity!


Anita Finlay is the author of Dirty Words on Clean Skin: Sexism and Sabotage, a Hillary Supporter's Rude Awakening, available on Amazon in print and kindle editions.

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