My Unmonsterish Halloween - Day 96 of ONE GOOD DEED


Geez, remember how far in advance you got Halloween costumes when you were little? How many times you tried it on (store bought or handmade) beforehand? And then, the biggest worry of all:

Would your parents make you wear a sweater over it?

So here was my promise to myself today: to comment on the costume of every kid I saw. I’d already had some practice about six weeks ago, when a little girl came into the store in a Supergirl costume, shiny red skirt and all.

“Ooooh,” I said, “I’m crazy about Supergirl. You look so much like her.” Loved the mother. She said, “You’re going to be getting a lot of compliments like that over the next few weeks. You might want to start thinking about you should say.”

Today, all day long today, kids came in the store. I mistook a couple of dragons for dinosaurs, a butterfly for a fairy (and then, a fairy for a butterfly), but all in all, I was pretty accurate. And it was as I thought: these kids just wiggle and beam when you notice them. Often you’re complimenting them on one of their very first choices in life, and it’s thrilling. Later, going home on the bus, I noticed the bus driver doing the same thing. I’m way in the back, and I hear him saying “See you, sunflower girl! Bye bye, French fries!” I told him I’d been following his lead all day, and his theory was simple: “Well, yeah. You got to.”

So coming down the street, nearing home, I passed a monster and a devil girl. I said an appropriate “Eek!” and asked a few pertinent questions, then noticed she was waving around a dollar bill. “Are you giving away money?” I asked. Devil Girl was nonplussed. “No. We were in the pizza place, and a man told us he liked our costumes, and then he gave us this dollar!”

Best part of the night: After I said good night to this little family, I hear the mom say, “Vera, do you see how that man gave you the dollar, and asked for nothing in return? Do you think you could do that?”


Make a big deal out of something little.


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