My Unnatural Fear of Basements

I have today off work (yay!) Husband threatened to hire a girl to do his paperwork if I didn't quit my job and do it all, so we compromised that I would only work outside the house 3 days a week from now on. I swear, he would keep me barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen if he could. Well, maybe not the kitchen... He doesn't really like my cooking. Maybe I should work on that... But I digress...

Me in my work hat, in my work truck. Notice my slightly orangey-copper hair? I am still kicking myself for trying to bleach it back in August. I should have known better. But it will grow back, even if it all falls out in my quest to get it back to a normal brown, right?

Chuckie is at GG's house (like she is every Monday since forever), Husband is at work, Nae is back in Florida with her mommy. I'm home alone. A couple of months ago, I would have revelled in some peace and quiet alone time. BUT. Since we moved into this house, I hate being all alone in it. I don't think it's haunted or anything but it just creeps me out. It's so much bigger than any other house I've ever lived in, and there is the issue with the basement. Like the title says, I have an unnatural fear of basements. Growing up, we had a split level, so only half was underground and it was our family room. It was completely finished. This house, not so much. But since we moved in and Husband immediately decided to tear out the upstairs bathroom, I am forced to the basement to use the facilities. It is not fun. SO I put my shoes on, turn on every light in the house, and head down. Ok, I ran down. and did what I needed to do as quickly as possible and ran back up. No, I will not count this for my daily workout. I promise. I just can't wait for this house to be done! I know that it will be a long time before the house is done, but if my bathroom can get done quickly, I will be happy. Then I will have 3 rooms in this house I don't mind being in. One step at a time, Kokie. I know, I know.

Bathroom before
This is what our bathroom looked like before we moved in. Well, not exactly. That difference in the floor used to be a wall, but that was already torn out when I started taking pictures.

This picture is from the other side, I have a new wall and a new bathtub (with jacuzzi). I can't wait! The plumber is actually here at my house as I type. Then Husband and I are going to pick out the tile. That's him in the pic, he's a fox. ;)


Once the bathroom is done, the next project is to move my laundry room from the far side of the basement to the small room right at the foot of the stairs. Once that move is complete, I might never enter that basement again. I seriously hate basements that much. I also have an unnatural fear of parking garages, but that's a post for a different day.

Talk to you again soon.



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