My Unresolutions

I’ve thrown them out. Discarded them. Tossed them. Gave ‘em the boot. And I’m not feeling guilty about it.

This turn-over-a-new leaf, start-over-fresh New Year’s Resolution stuff is for the birds, I tell ya. A conspiracy slapped together by weight loss companies and self help authors. I know it. They joined forces in an effort to capitalize on low self esteem and post holiday blues.


Every lady should have but one resolution, I say. And it should repeat every year.

 Be gentle with one self. 

The kinder we are to ourselves, the more it will overspill into the rest of our lives. Think of the great things that could occur.




 “Is my butt too big in this?”


 “I can’t do anything with my hair!”


“Blech! I need a makeover!”


“What  happened to my BOOBS?!”


“I can’t do it!”


“Why ME!?”




Laughter, joy, peace, hugs, skinnier thighs, calm, tranquility, satisfaction, acceptance


OK, so I threw in the skinny thighs thing.


Go out there and be gentle with yourself, my bloggy friends. If that involves reckless abandon with a bar of chocolate, so be it!


And to end this, why do we always tell our children to “be nice”, but never “be nice to yourself?”



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