My very own BUDDY

"I think it took us about a month of going through every crazy name under the sun and we still never found the perfect name for him. Somehow, without it even being considered, everyone just started calling him “Buddy” because we had no idea what to call him. So it stuck. "

WOW>!!!That is exactly how my Buddy got his name too. I volunteered at Tabby Town in Cheektowaga, NY. I wanted to be around cats but not wanting to commit -just yet.

Then finally I decided on this lonely female cat. Some volunteers were so protective of her that the paper work was taking a long time. Walking around I saw this baby just watching me and following my eyes. I walked over to him and picked him up.  One hald hour later, he was still in my arms. The rest is history. He still looks at me with loving eyes. He had a rough start, having convulsions when he was put under for a proceedure. He was at risk of having seizures. But, thankfully 3 years later he is just fine


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