My Vow To Read More Books

I have a confession. A year ago, I bought about 10 books, promising myself I would read to Camille as soon as she is born until the day I lost my breath (awwww...)...but 365 days later I am yet to keep that promise. Instead I have resorted to Your Baby Can Read for a wooping sum of $200 and maybe its working but it doesn't replace the actual mommy time I would have loved to spend reading to my child. And then tonight as I read Metropolitan Mama, I felt guilty. Although it was aimed at mothers who read, I still felt unhappy because I feel like I am raising my child to be the conventional consumer-oriented American kid, who would rather be entertained rather than reading and thinking creatively. I think as a nation we have lost our true essence due to a false perception of the American dream that we forget how cool it was in those days when we read three to five books a week, slowly building our mental orientation and perception of life.

Reading is an active mental process. Reading makes you think more and act more, unlike TV, readings allows you to use your brain. The greatest gift of knowledge is not power, its action. Just because TV is more entertaining does not mean I should sit down during my leisure time subjecting myself and my family to TV shows. I dont care if its an educational show. Dont get me wrong, the media is good in some cases because it keeps us abreast of situations around us but reading books, learning about other cultures, putting our brain to work is the best gift you could ever give your family. Research have actually shown that the less you use your brain, the more memory loss you experience. And it might not be obvious now, but you will realize it sooner or later.

Anyways, I have vowed to keep start my child out reading more before its too late. I will however keep the $200 Your Baby Can Read DVD whenever she gets bored or tired of staring at them books. But trust me, my book shelve is arriving by the end of the week, and its going to be a happy jolly reading night around here.



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