My Week in Photos: Foto Friday

Hi there! 

I figured it was time again to for a week in photos. Hey, I can call it Foto Friday! And, I can look like I no can the spell by spelling photo with an F. Two birds, one giant stone rolled in spelling errors. Just keep in mind, they allowed me  to stop taking English in high school halfway through senior year because I had passed all my previous English classes with an A. 

And we're off!

I have recently acquired some outdoor furniture for my patheticly overgrown lawn. I'll spare you a picture of that hot mess, but I will show you what's nestled in the back corner, catching your eye as you scan the yard. THIS!

photo (8)

 Ain't it a gem! And, to up the creepo factor, the ball glows at night and lights up the faces of the boy and girl just enough to give you a heart attack at 2am when you glance out the window as you head to the bathroom. Priceless. 

Next up...

We discovered the Moonfrye app! 

 photo (1)

I think I make pictures just so I can see how good I am at adjusting the cutout. This was not my best work, but you try to create an image while holding a crying 3 month old. I think I did pretty good. 

Moving on...

photo (7)

I almost have no words for this. When did mens underwear get so colorful? It's kind of disturbing. At least the banana underwear is appropriate. Not so sure about the burgers and fries off in the corner. 

And then...

photo (4)

 We've been giving my dog these dog treats for a few months and only now realized they expired a year ago. Can't really bitch about free dog treats. And yes, I gave him one after I discovered the expiration date. He's fine, really. 

WARNING! Baby picture alert!

photo (3)

We force our children to learn how to use a computer at an unnecessarily early age. Electronics are in her genes. She should really just embrace her genetic nerdiness. Resistance is futile!


photo (2)

 Wanted to look at a cute jacket on Modcloth, apparently they have no healthy backends and are meditating? Keep up the good work guys!


photo (6)

 My baby started 2nd grade. I love that he's still small enough to have a backpack make him look so little. And, I forgot to buy him pencils. I got two packs of crayons and markers, but pencils? Nope. Just give him an iPad or laptop or whatever free electronics they give to children now to do the learnin'! 

Check back next week for another Foto Friday that I will likely forget to post! 



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