My Weekend With Spiderman

I bought Lil Red a Spiderman action figure this weekend for a few reasons.

  •  because he kept talking about Spiderman, and I gotta respect that
  • The Zellers up the street from me is closing down and is selling all it’s toys at 60% off
  •  I am a little sick of seeing the construction worker guy everywhere and thought we needed to switch it up
spiderman with webs
Look out there goes the Spiderman

My week, with Lil Red and Spiderman, consisted of me listening to the old Spiderman theme song a million times, followed by me hearing Lil Red say “I want Spidurman” a million times, even though he was holding Spiderman in his hand.

Lil Red slept with Spiderman, bathed with him and ate with him. He yelled for me in the middle of the night to come, because, “Spidurman can’t see”. I have no idea what that meant, so I quickly tried to explain Spidey senses to him and stumbled back to my bed.

Things got a little weird when Lil Red sat beside me, one morning, while I was nursing Baby Biter, and began to do the same to Spiderman, holding the action figure against his own nipple and proudly telling me “Spidur man having booby”.

“Umm… ok. I think he’s full now honey , you can probably stop”

“Spidurman having booby “ he insisted

So I left it alone.

spiderman on potty
Spiderman made it to the potty in time
spiderman gets diaper
Spiderman is too small for this diaper

Today Spiderman went poop on the potty and had his diaper changed. So we are all really proud of Spidey for making it to the potty.


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