My Whole30 Diary: Day 4 recap.

Day 4 is now complete, and what I’ve learned from it has little to do with carbs or sugars. Instead, the lesson is this, plain and simple: Gratitude. Gratitude!

[Leaf Parade. My Whole30 Diary: My Day 4 recap.]



You see, I’ve been a little worried. So far, this Whole30 thing has been kind of a breeze for me. On Day 4 I was supposed to want to kill All The Things, but instead I just felt wonderful. Maybe I’m speaking too soon and the promised agony will kick in shortly, but I’m starting to think I might have somewhat dodged the initial ‘hazing’ portion of this program. Which is great, right? Well, maybe. I’ve been worried that, in missing out on all the nasty bits, I’m going to miss out on the good ones too. I started this program for a lot of reasons, the most crucial of which was to feel amazing and healthful and happy and full of energy. And I still very much want to feel that way.

When I spoke to my friend about this concern, he reminded me that I already feel that way. And… he’s right! Since I quit sugar, my body has been a generally happy place. (You can read more about that here and here, if you’d like.) Apart from the food babies (ie, remarkable, pregnancy-resembling bloat) that pay me a visit after many meals, I’ve felt generally quite well for past several months. And, so far, the Whole30 is helping enormously with the food baby problem — and it’s a very nice change not to appear to be in my third trimester all the time. That’s for sure.

Even though I’ve generally felt quite well, I still feel like I’m a slave to the food I eat (and over-eat), even if it is the healthy stuff. So the other goals I set for myself are still completely in play here, and I’m going to focus hard on those instead of getting down on myself for already feeling good. So I’m going to keep on pushing forward but, from now on, with a bit more gratitude.


Breakfast: Leftover slow-cooked apple curry chicken and sweet potatoes (recipe to come), steamed broccoli and greens, olives, and a banana.

[Leaf Parade. My Whole30 Diary: My Day 4 recap.]

Morning snack: Cashews.

Lunch: Chicken salad, roasted balsamic sweet potatoes (recipe here), and beets, all over a pile of baby kale.

[Leaf Parade. My Whole30 Diary: My Day 4 recap.]

Dinner: Slow-cooked shredded chicken (recipe to come) topped with salsa verde, Old Bay-sprinkled avocado, steamed okra, and cherries.

[Leaf Parade. My Whole30 Diary: My Day 4 recap.]

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