My Whole30 Diary: Day 9 recap.

Instructions for a successful Whole30:

[Leaf Parade. My Whole30 Diary: Day 9 recap.]


 I am starting to feel my mood really stabilize on Whole30. On Day 9, not only did I sit through a long and unwieldy meeting at work, but I also found myself (and my bicycle) stuck in the rain — that is, buckets full of it — while pedaling home mid-day yesterday. While each of these situations might have ordinarily caused me to grumble and to stress (ie, freak out), I was pretty okay with both of them. Ahhh, if only I could handle all future minor catastrophes so harmoniously.

My meals were pretty much on target on Day 9, but I had a problem keeping my distance from the cashews. Nothing major, but I’m trying to make a conscious effort to eat only when I’m hungry, and cashews are another food that I can eat ad infinitum. Needless to say, they’ve since been relocated to the back of my sock drawer next to the coconut butter. I hope to take both of these things out of hiding soon, though, because the whole point is to improve my relationship with food, not to avoid it. And anyways, a life without cashews or coconut butter is a joyless life — and this whole project is a project in happiness, not restriction.



Breakfast: Cinnamon + ginger pumpkin with unsweetened coconut, almonds, and raisins; hard-boiled eggs.

[Leaf Parade. My Whole30 Diary: Day 9 recap.]

Lunch: Slow cooker shredded chicken (recipe here) mixed with avocado and salsa verde, cumin-roasted cauliflower (recipe here), and a nectarine. (Baby carrots on the side.)

[Leaf Parade. My Whole30 Diary: Day 9 recap.]

Snack: Cashews.

Dinner: Grass fed burger on baby kale with roasted okra and steamed broccoli, all dunked and/or slathered in homemade mayo (recipe here) with Old Bay.

[Leaf Parade. My Whole30 Diary: Day 9 recap.]

After dinner: More cashews.

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