My Womb is Always in Question

I had thought once I had a kid, all those pesky questions would stop. You know, the old, "so when are you going to have one?" or "isn't it about time you started trying?"

Having suffered through secondary infertility and three miscarriages for many years, I found these sorts of questions invasive, nosy, triggering and depressive. But I used the opportunity to educate, to tell people I already had three "angel babies" and they hopefully learned never to comment on someone's lack of children ever again. 

So in my naive world, I felt a great relief when I finally had a child and figured people would leave me alone now. But no! Now I get, "how old is your son now? Oh, two and a half? Isn't it time for another one?"

Excuse me? Who invited you to the family planning party?

Believe me, I'd LOVE another one, but unfortunately it's not as easy as that for me. I wish I were one of those women who just look at a man and get and stay pregnant without any issues, but I'm not. I don't always feel like explaining that to people. Or sometimes when I do, I'm not listened to anyway.

Besides, having just one or no children is perfectly acceptable if you're happy with it. I really wish people would stop questioning me about my womb and if or when it will be occupied again. I'm not just a child-carrying vessel, I'm so much more than that. If you're really interested in what I can accomplish for my family, ask me how much time I spent today teaching my son how to talk. 



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