My Word of The Year: Glitter Filled

Glitter Filled? Yes, that is correct. Glitter Filled is my Word of The Year for 2013. Many people choose words like love, trust, faith... and those are beautiful words. I wanted a word that connected with my soul, my lifestyle. Something that would inspire me, something I could work towards.

Are you asking yourself "how can she work towards Glitter Filled?" This is how, my friends. I want 2013 to be filled with positivity and laughter, I want 2013 to be filled with accomplishments and new adventures. I want 2013 to sparkle. I want a year full of happiness, arts and crafts, joy for my wife and I and our fur, feather and fin babies. This what Glitter Filled represents for me. The good in life.

I truly believe that Glitter can awaken, and promote happiness. Glitter can sparkle in the sun and moon light, much like the sun, moon and stars above us do in the sky. Glitter can put a smile on someone's face - at least, I know Glitter can put a smile on MY face.

And that is why my Word of The Year is Glitter Filled.

What is your Word of The Year? Why did you choose that word? Please, share!

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